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60’s Master Bathroom Remodel

60’s Master Bathroom Remodel

We just love it when we get to do multiple projects for amazing clients! A few years ago we renovated this family’s entire first floor (you can check out that blog here), so when they called us back to update their master bathroom we couldn’t wait to get started! I love a good challenge and the biggest issue with this bathroom, besides the blue 1960’s tile, was that it was very small and we were sticking with the original footprint.


Location:  Reading, MA

Type of Home: Multi-Level Home Built In 1964

Master Bathroom Renovation:  Completed In 2021

Square Footage: 2,545 Square Feet

Fun Fact: These clients found us through our Instagram page!  Check it out here.

BEFORE: The old master bathroom was rocking a 60’s baby blue tile that the owners were ready to get rid of! There wasn’t a way to increase the footprint, so we looked at little changes like eliminating the radiator, widening the shower opening, and doing built-in storage to maximize the space we had.